Rent conference equipment and microphones in Berlin

    Speech intelligibility is the most important criterion at conferences. At concerts, too, one of the important factors is the quality of the vocals. Here it depends on the right sound technology. With us you can rent conference equipment, mixers and microphones. In addition, you can also rent the appropriate PA system and other event technology. We have wired but also wireless microphones for you in our assortment. Microphones are devices that can record speech and sounds. Speech or singing creates sound waves that are invisible, but cause the air to vibrate slightly in a very specific way. Human hearing is also sensitive to such sound waves. Similar to ears, microphones can "hear" or pick up the sound waves.
    There are a variety of different microphones, but their operation is basically the same. Sound waves pass through the microphone housing from the outside onto something like a thin skin called a diaphragm. The sound waves cause the membrane to vibrate, which in turn is translated into electricity via a wire. Via radio or cable, these then reach the connected mixing console or computer.

    Event equipment rental for concerts and conferences

    Various microphones are used in event technology. Vocal microphones are used for speech and singing. For the miking of instruments, one falls back on microphones that fit the respective instrument, such as drum microphones, etc. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right microphone. Simply send us an inquiry in which you describe your project.

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