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With us you can rent sound equipment for your event, product presentation, concert or conference. We offer various microphones for speech and instrument recording. Our range includes microphones from Sennheiser, Shure and Beyerdynamic. You can rent microphones from us for different tasks and types of events. The choice of the right microphone is very important, so we are happy to advise you. You have the choice between wired microphones and wireless microphones, which of course have their advantages and disadvantages. For the mixing you need a mixing console as the central control unit for your event. You can rent various mixers from us, including the Allen & Heath ZED 14 with 14 inputs or the Alto ZMX 52 mini mixer for small setups where only a small number of channels are required.


Our event equipment is always delivered in transportable cases and racks and includes the necessary connection cables and accessories. If you need cables for power distribution or power extension for your event, simply add these cables to your request. You can also rent loudspeakers from us. As far as conferences are only a speech event, no subwoofers are needed for bass reproduction. For concerts, on the other hand, we recommend that you ask for one of our complete systems. We would also be happy to take care of the technical support of your event, including the mixing of conferences or concerts. For this we charge the usual daily rates for sound engineers. If you are interested in on-site support or assembly/disassembly as well as transport by Akari Audio, please write this in the comment field or click on the corresponding fields during the inquiry.

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