Zubehör für DJs mieten Berlin

    Besides a powerful and clear PA system, e.g. from Funktion One, good DJ equipment is another important pillar in the field of sound engineering. With us you can rent current DJ equipment for your event in Berlin or the surrounding area. Our range includes DJ equipment from Pioneer DJ and Allen & Heath. In the field of playback equipment, Pioneer DJ CDJs have established themselves as the industry standard in recent years and are indispensable in clubs and festivals around the world. Classic DJ setups consist of at least two players and a DJ mixer. With us you can rent different CDJs. For the vinyl DJs among you, we also have the classic DJ turntable, the Technics 1210, on offer.


    In addition, you can of course rent various DJ mixers from us, including the classic Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus and the Allen&Heath Xone:92. As a small and affordable DJ mixer, we rent the Xone:23 2-channel DJ mixer. Also in the low price segment are the little brothers of the CDJs, the XDJ 1000 without CD drive, which you can also rent from us. The rental of the event equipment always takes place in suitable flight cases and with all necessary connection cables. The rental of the CDJs also includes the necessary link cables to connect the devices. If you need to prepare for a gig and would like to rent DJ equipment for a long time, the rental is also possible over several days. During the week we can give you a substantial discount for one of several days. We will gladly make you an individual offer. Just talk to us about it.

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