Power generator

    • Scheppach SG 2000 Generator


      Scheppach SG 2000 Stromgenerator:

      • Leistung: 2.0kW/1.6kW (max. Leistung / Dauerleistung) 220V
      • Stromstärke: 17.4A
      • Schutzart: IP 23
      • Regelung: Kondensator
      • Steckdosen: 2x Schuko
      • Motorleistung: 5PS
      • Tankinhalt: 4 Liter
      • Kraftstoff: Super Benzin bleifrei

      Die Miete erfolgt inkl. passendem Benzinkanister

    • Hyundai Generator Stromerzeuger


      Hyundai Benzin-Generator HY3000C:

      • Motortyp 4-Takt, OHV, 1-Zylinder, Gebläse Kühlung
      • Motorleistung 4.0 kW (5.44 PS)
      • Leerlaufdrehzahl 3600 U/min
      • Tankinhalt 8 l (Benzin Euro 95/98
      • Gemessener Schalldruckpegel LpA 72 dB/7m
      • Dauerleistung: 2,8 KW
      • Gewicht: 27 kg
      • Betriebsdauer: ca. 5 Stunden

      Die Miete erfolgt inkl. passendem Benzinkanister

    Power generator hire Berlin

    Power generators or also called power gensets ensure the provision of electrical energy independently of the public power grid. Power generators are of enormous importance for mobile events such as open airs and festivals. These kinds of events are only made possible by a mobile power supply. With us you can rent a suitable power generator for your event. Power generators have a small engine that burns fuel and converts it into energy. The generator produces electrical energy from this, which is then available at the socket. The voltage is basically 230 volts, but is subject to greater fluctuations but in the domestic power grid. Three-phase synchronous machines are used as generators for power generating sets. In isolated operation, the excitation devices in the synchronous machines are capable of supplying reactive power for capacitive or inductive loads in addition to the active power for resistive loads.

    Mobile power supply through power generator

    Sensitive equipment can be damaged by voltage fluctuations at the power supply. Generators with inverter technology are therefore suitable for particularly sensitive consumers.  The inverter in the power generator provides a stable voltage like a buffer. The power of generators ranges from 0.5 KW to over 100 KW. In our rental shop you will find generators with a power between 3.0 and 5.0 KW, which is sufficient for most mobile events such as open airs and festivals. You will find in our rental different generators from the brands Hyundai and Honda.

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