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    Light effects and lighting equipment rental in Berlin

    Lighting effects are versatile effect lamps that are used especially at music events such as festivals and concerts. This type of event technology is about creating spectacular lighting effects to visually enhance the event and the dance floor. Unlike spotlights, which are primarily used to illuminate people or objects, lighting effects are only used selectively. Our lighting technology is based on LED technology, which, unlike conventional discharge lamps, require less power and operate much more efficiently. This is especially advantageous for mobile events such as open airs or festivals, since generators are usually used for power generation and their power is limited. For mobile events and open air you can rent PA systems from Funktion and DJ equipment as well as a generator. Power generators and generators should always be slightly oversized, so that the specified power can be delivered permanently. In our lighting technology we rely in the field of lighting effects on the brands Astera, American DJ (ADJ) and Antari, which are especially known for their fog machines.

    Rent lighting equipment with staff for event

    Devices for lighting control are mostly used in the operation of lighting technology. Here we rely on the device by MA Lighting with the well-known devices GrandMA and GrandMA on PC. Professional lighting consoles allow an extensive and precise control of the lighting technology, so that complex shows and technical processes can only be managed with these devices. Of course, the operation and programming of event technology requires a lot of knowledge and experience, which is often not available to private users. Therefore, we would like to support you in the assembly/disassembly and operation of the rented event technology. If you need personnel support by light technicians or event technology at your event, please indicate this in the context of your request.

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