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At Akari Audio you can rent the right lighting technology for your event in Berlin. In addition to high-quality sound technology, cleverly used lighting technology is an important factor for a successful event. The right lighting makes the difference. Light effects enhance your party enormously and let the atmosphere boil over. In addition to classic PAR lamps with discharge lamp, we offer you modern LED lighting technology for rent, including LED spotlights of the brands ADJ and Astera as well as LED effects and fog machines from manufacturers such as Antari and Litecraft.


In addition to the selection of the right equipment, the control of the lighting technology is enormously important. The rented lighting effects and spotlights only come into their own with the right control devices. To control the lighting technology, you can rent appropriate devices for lighting control, such as the GrandMA Command Wing from MA Lighting. The company MA Lighting has built an excellent reputation in the industry with the GrandMA and brings the know-how and technology in the Command Wing into a very transportable format. For lighting control and setup/dismantling of lighting equipment, we always recommend adding one of our lighting technicians to your request. We will be happy to advise you in advance which lighting technology is suitable for your event which equipment and how many you need. Just send us an inquiry or call us.

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