Frequently Asked Questions
I would like to hire event equipment. How can I request equipment?

If you know what equipment you need for your event, visit
our rental shop
select the equipment you would like to hire and make an enquiry directly online.
If you need advice on selecting the necessary technology, we look forward to receiving your inquiry via the contact form or simply by email.

Where can I pick up the equipment?

Our warehouse is in Berlin-Tempelhof

Akari audio
Bessemerstrasse 80
12103 Berlin.

The best way to find our warehouse is via Google Maps. Follow
this link
or enter Akari Audio in Google Maps.

I would like to have the equipment delivered. Is that possible?

Yes, we are happy to take care of the delivery. If you request event technology from us online, you can request transportation as an additional service and will be shown the price according to the distance.

I need support in setting up/dismantling the technology. Do you offer this?

Yes, in addition to transportation, we also offer you support in setting up and dismantling the equipment. When you request an event online, you can indicate that assembly/dismantling is required. We calculate the costs in real time.

Can you support me with the technical implementation of the event?

You can also book technical support. The costs for this must be requested separately. In order to calculate the costs, we need to be able to roughly estimate the scope. Briefly describe your project and indicate how many hours one of our technicians is expected to be on site.

Can I adjust my request afterwards?

Yes, customization of the request is possible. The best way to do this is to contact us by replying to the confirmation of your request or by directly submitting a new request. Note, however, that the frequent adjustment of existing orders means effort for us, which we would like to avoid.

Can I cancel an existing order?

Yes, you can cancel an existing order free of charge up to 14 days before the event or earlier. However, costs will be incurred in the event of subsequent cancellations. In case of cancellation up to 7 days before the event, 30% of the order amount will be charged. Cancellation up to two days before the event will be charged 50% and later cancellation less than 2 days before the event will be charged 100% of the order amount.

Is it possible to pick up or return the equipment outside the opening hours.

No, the collection or return of rental equipment outside opening hours is not possible. Please inform us in time if you are going to be late. A return on the following day will be charged with 0.5 operating days pro rata. Postponement of collection to a later date is possible by arrangement. Financial compensation in the form of a repayment is excluded.

The device is not working as it should. What can I do?

We regularly maintain and check our rental equipment. However, should a defect occur that already existed before the event, please contact us immediately by email and describe the damage, ideally with photos or videos. If the defect occurs during the event, we assume improper handling and must charge for the repair. Please contact us at the latest when you return the product so that we can find a solution together.

I would like to check the prices and availability first. Is that possible?

Yes in
our rental shop
you can check the prices and availability of equipment around the clock. The rental store is linked to our rental software so that availability is displayed in real time.

A device was damaged during the event. Who is liable?

During the event, you are responsible for the proper operation and condition of the equipment. You have a duty of care for our equipment. However, if damage does occur, please notify us immediately by e-mail. We check the device after you return it and issue a repair invoice – we do not charge any additional costs for the repair. In return, we also expect fairness on your part with regard to any damage incurred. It’s usually not that bad.

I have lost equipment or it was stolen at the event - what do I have to do now?

During the rental period, you are responsible for the safety and proper operation of the event technology and are also liable for it in the event of damage. In case of loss, contact us immediately and report it to the police. The following also applies here: You are responsible for the safety of the equipment.

Important information

Make your request via the rental store. You can check availability there.


A request is not a booking. Only after receipt of an order confirmation the order is fixed.

You are responsible for the proper operation of the equipment.

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